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John Covington is a member of the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) and has made his mark in automotive, alternative fashion, musician and lifestyle photography. His base of operations is in Phoenix, Arizona, where he shoots regularly for a wide range of national publications.

Covington's passion for photography began at age eight with his first Brownie camera. However, his road to photography took a few turns and detours before the camera became his full-time vocation.

You can see those unexpected paths in his photographs. His education at the Art Center College of Design (Pasadena) expresses itself through his imagery with stunning and surprisingly graphic compositions.

You can see his years as a rock drummer reveal themselves in his fascination with fringe characters and underlying rhythm in his backgrounds and lighting.

Wonder where the fascination with soft curves, smooth lines, and on-the-edge detailing comes from? Credit it to his years as designer and manufacturer of Alternative American motorcycles. Covington's past infuses his present. He explores the edges that make people stop and stare, then wonder if what they're beholding is safe or dangerous.

Enter Boundless.

John Covington    

The concept for Boundless was inspired by the alternative and tattooed models streaming into Covington's studio for magazine shoots. As he photographed them, he realized that each model possessed her own grace and energy, but the shackled context of their commercial assignments denied them any personal expression. Covington invited them back to his studio on their own terms, creating a space where they could delve passionately and deeply into the feminine. The resulting images are empowering, engaging and . . . Boundless.

~ biography by joey robert parks

  John Covington  
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